Hiboy Electric Scooter Seat for Hiboy S2/S2 Pro/KS4 Pro/KS4 Electric Scooter
Suitable for Hiboy Electric Scooter S2  and S2 PRO and KS4 and KS4PRO ONLY. Enhance sturdy aluminum rod for solid stability and durability. Retractable and adjustable height (20. 9 - 30. 7 inch) to fit for different shapes of people....
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Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium Electric Scooter
$699.99 $619.99
Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium Electric Scooter
  Extended 25-mile range with a top speed of 19 mph, large 10-inch honeycomb tires, 500W motor, double braking system, foldable design and Bluetooth security lock to keep your premium electric scooter safe.
$699.99 $619.99
Hiboy KS4 Advanced Commuter Electric Scooter
  5 years of S2 production experience with over 100,000+ S2 scooters sold. We learned and introduced the KS series. The KS4 exterior styling continues the high-end design of S2. 17 Miles Long-range and a top speed of 19 mph...
$549.99 $499.99
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