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Hiboy offers a 12-month warranty. We provide the longest free trial up to 30 days which you can return the product within 30 days counting from the date of receiving the package and request a refund for any reason.


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Electric Scooter

Love your commute, and get yourself a breeze.

⚡Hiboy commuting and off road electric scooters satisfy all your needs.


Electric Bike

Ride into 2022 with Hiboy fat tire electric bike.

⚡Hiboy newest e-bike, 26 inch tire all terrian e bike for urban adventures.



Roll with the flow, and be the eye-catching one.

⚡Best Electric Skateboard Longboard with latest designs, safe speed.


Customer Reviews

Started a HiBoy Revolution!

Thank you HiBoy from the bottom of our hearts. It especially lifted my Husband’s Spirit with the most fun since his accident, as he was a competitive bike rider as a kid. You made our dreams come true, and exceeded our expectations.
Purchased: Hiboy S2 Pro
Robert Hayden

Mar. 26, 2022

Amazing Commute Scooter

So I got the Hiboy S2 Pro & it's absolutely amazing. Unlike my sports scooter I can take this one into the back office of my work & charge it while I work I'm about 250lbs which is almost right at the weight limit. My average speed is 16mph but I am able to go the full 19mph-20mph that's advertised. As for distance I can go about 18 miles on a full charge. Just shy of the 20 miles advertised but hey I'm right near the weight limit so that's amazing. I highly recommended this scooter
Purchased:Hiboy S2 Pro

Mar 15, 2022

I love it, s2r

I always had been seeing hiboy scooters in front of my school here in nyc! Then I also bought one ! And Thanks to God! I haven't made a wrong decision! The design of it, the weight , the color of it , everything is mesmerizing! Hiboy has fulfilled my all desire of a scooter.
Purchased:Hiboy S2R


Iffat Jahan

April 2,2022


I've only had it for a week and so far I love it it is a very powerful scooter and it literally takes off like a race car it's a pretty sick scooter I hope I get a lot of use out of this scooter by the looks of it looks like I might get a year or two out of it it depends.
Purchased:Hiboy Titan
Denise Hynds

April 1,2022

Very enjoyable scooter

This scooter is very fun to ride. It's fast enough to be fun, and also to commute. It's quite capable off-road, and more than capable on the road. My neighbors all ask what it is, and where I got it. They all say they have seen me zipping through the neighborhood, and that it.looks like a lot of fun. They're not wrong.
Purchased:Hiboy TITAN PRO
David Z

April 1, 2022

A great upgrade from the Hiboy S2 electric scooter

I bought this for my husband aa I already have the Hiboy S2 scooter for myself. The KS4 is bigger, faster and goes further, which ticked all the boxes for him. He is 6'4" 185 lbs and this fits him well. Another well built, durable purchase. Satisfied customers!
Purchased:Hiboy KS4 Pro
Sam X

April 1, 2022


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Hiboy’s Fastest Electric Scooter is Here: Introducing the Titan Pro

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