Stunt Scooters

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5 products

Stunt Scooters & Pro Scooters for sale—Different scooting experience.

Hiboy’s pro stunt scooter or trick scooters have good durability. 

Different from adult electric scooters or scooters, pro scooters are designed for eye-catching stunts and tricks. Although similar to the normal scooters in appearance, Hiboy’s pro scooters are upgraded in order to take the stress of performing professional tricks.

The new generation of Hiboy ST pro scooters have properties that usually appear on pricey scooters:

  • Better wheel and deck — ST pro scooters are equipped with solid 110mm aluminum alloy core Wheels and highly durable wide T-6063 aluminum deck. 

  • Smoother ride — You can’t go fast with sticky bearings. Most kick scooter feature ABEC 5-7 rated bearings, but our pro scooter is fitted with ABEC 9 - the highest precision you can get! 110mm alloy core wheels wrapped in high rebound 88A PU, with a wider deck (19.7"L X 4.5"W), get ready for more advanced tricks!

  • The envy of the skatepark — While everyone else rattles around on those other scooters, your kids will look ultra-cool on our Trick Scooters, smooth glide, and multiple colors choice! This is a TRUE Stunt Scooter that your kids really want for – to peruse their sports, enjoy pro scooters.

  • Safer system — HIC compression system with sealed bearings make the scooter more durable and smooth. Reinforced heat treated forged plates in deck and the Cr-mo steel handlebar to ensure stability/safety, the brake is efficient with Mn-Steel material strong than any other mixed material brakes.

Stable, smooth and safe, trick scooters and stunt scooters of Hiboy give your more possibilities in performance!

Stunt Scooters vs Standard Scooters 

If your child wants to do tricks on a scooter, it's important to get a stunt scooter because there is a big difference between a stunt scooter and a standard scooter, and I will explain why it is important for children to use special stunt scooters for tricks.

Stunt Scooters

The primary of using stunt scooters is to perform stunts or tricks.

Of course, they can also be used for scooters, but if you only use them for scooters, you can choose a kick scooter with a lower price and better design.

As the stunt scooter is mainly used for stunts, Their various components are typically much more durable and reinforced. For example, they are much more likely to have steel or aluminum decks rather than wood/glass. And, Most stunt scooters have metal cores on wheels instead of plastic cores on ordinary pedal scooters.

Most importantly, stunt scooters are always have a one piece T bar that allows the rider to stand upright and give absolute control over the turn, and the bars are strong and can withstand the extra impact of jumping and stunts; when performing tricks, the folding device of a scooter is a weakness, which is particularly easy to be damaged, and so stunt scooter has not folding function.

Kick Scooters

Looking at your child's current normal scooter, you will have likely seen things. It looks a very lightweight portable scooter. In general, It may not seem tough enough to fall off jumps and ramps, not say it can’t. Just such a scooter is not designed to withstand this kind of wear.

Finally:make sure that children can use stunt scooters safely! Six years old is the baseline age for using stunt scooters.