Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter 30KMH Speed - 27KM Range - 350W Motor - 12 Month Warranty


Foldable and portable for adult daily use. Fast speed and long range for commuting or city adventuring. Hiboy beginners' best choice.

Please note that our scooter is not street legal in Germany.

Please note that rules and regulations for riding electric scooters on public roads differ for every country. Current UK law states that electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads.
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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter 30KMH Speed - 27KM Range - 350W Motor - 12 Month Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Totally loving this.

This scooter is solid and stable.

update: 04/27/19 Support team is excellent. I asked them if I can buy another charger, and they sent me a free one within 4 days. Now this is just absolutely fantastic!!!

I weight about 165 lbs. With a full charge battery, it gives me about 12-13 miles(course, mainly street) is flat and slightly uphill.

Very sturdy and customer service was amazing

I needed a replacement set of handle bars after some months of use, as I was getting some error, and was able to get a free replacement via their customer service. They talking me through everything from how to confirm what was wrong with the scooter, how to remove the old handlebars and add the new ones.

My scooter works fine despite riding it on bumpy terrain and the few knocks it has received.

Great scooter! Airless tires! 1 year warranty!

Amazing scooter! Built like a tank! Actually goes 18mph! Has no problem climbing hills or staying at top speed!

Solid tires! Anti-theft option on device! Battery life seems very good even though I've only used it a few times. Brakes needed no adjustment out of the box! They are perfect!

I hope this lasts me for a while. I am upgrading from a Swagtron Swagger 5 and this brand blows that out of the water. Very happy with my purchase!

Great value and super fun

Size is good adjustable. Easy to use. Tried and played days. Perfect fitting and comfortable to do all practices. Keeping busy all the way through lockdown.

suitable for all

It's easy to ride, requiring nothing too techinical or professional, so I think no matter you have years of experience in riding scooters or just got to know its existance, Hiboy S2 can be a good choice.

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