Hiboy HC-02 Hoverboard Go Kart with Rear Suspension Seat Attachment


Upgraded from HC-01, add the Rear Suspension on it.
Turn your hoverboard into a fantastic go-kart with the Hiboy HC-02 hoverboard seat attachment. Not only bring you a unique driving experience but also offer riders far more control and less injury risk than riding a hoverboard, which is much safer for kids. Please note this product can't be returned. 

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Ye zhang
easy to assemble

I like the fact that GO-Kart kit is easy to assemble because I'm not a mechanic. You need to bolt down the seat to the riding bar with the supplied screws, and then affix the assembled cart to your hoverboard. The two Velcro straps wraps that you loop through the slots near the base of the cart are then wrapped around the hoverboard on each end near the hoverboard tires. When affixing the GO-Kart kit to your hoverboard, try to center the cart evenly between the hoverboard tires.

Wish the small go cart wheel in front was bigger (perhaps the same size as my hoverboard tires, which are 8 inches) so that when riding the go cart you can ride over small bumps. But all go cart accessories I've seen come with the small front wheel, not a larger one.

The manufacturer does supply extra Velcro straps and seat-mounting screws.

Takes a little while getting used to maneuvering your hoverboard as a go cart-- starting and stopping, turning left and right, or going backwards. To me,5 foot, 11" and about 200 lbs, this is a much safer alternative to riding your hoverboard standing upright as a balancing board.

I've tried out the HoverKart several times and have had no problems. I look forward to many years of riding pleasure!

Tons of fun.

We bought this for my son as a Christmas present in 2018. It's stood the test of time since then. Recently, the straps wore down and snapped - they sent me replacements for the worn straps. I don't think it was a quality issue as eventually with something like that with weight and wear - I imagine they wear down. Even after a year and a half, they remedied the problem for me.

hoverboard kart

This is a interesting item i brought half month ago, I have a hoverboard, but i am not mastering it, i barely stand on it and move slowly, i guess because i am slow in learing new things like hoverbord, and then the other day i saw this online, and i search keyword kart, this shows up. it does not cost a lot and i thought i can play with it and few years i can let my baby play with it.
There are some pros I want to mention:
1. easy to install, seller provide ll the tool you need and a handbook guide you to build it.
2. easy to store it, it can be uninstall to two main part, so it will not take much space to store.
3. easy handling, just use two handle on both side to handle forward backward and left right.

Great quality for the price.

I'm not one to easily write reviews, but I must say that this product exceeded my expectation. I bought this for my son he's four years old, but he can't reach the foot bar. So I ride it with my son sitting on my lap. It's made strong as it support my weight at 185 plus my son at 35 pounds. I don't understand why people complain about the front wheel wobbling. I honestly don't notice it even at high speed. The unit was shipped days in advance and was easy to assemble. I'm completely satisfied with HIBOY HC-02. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this product. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

Great kart!

Relatively easy to assemble after a few cups of coffee. Included instructions are lacking at best but the assembly is simple enough and a YouTube search will yield some helpful hints.

Purchased after a nasty fall on the hoverboard (pre-kart). 1 week in, the kart itself is great and works as expected. Chair is flimsy but frame is solid which is what matters. Regained use of that 2 wheeled death trap and much closer to the ground now which is a win!

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