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2 products

2 products

Here at Hiboy, we provide the best electric scooters. Whether you are looking for kids electric scooter or an adult commuter electric scooter, we can provide it for you. We provide a world of possibilities. You can find any scooter you need in Hiboy!


Electric scooters for adults 


The S2 series is a series of electric scooters specially created for entry-level players. S2, S2 PRO, S2R in S2 series are specially made for adults. All the scooters being at an affordable price. S2, as a classic product of the S2 series, is also our initial work. S2 PRO is an upgraded version of S2, and the newly upgraded 10-inch solid tires make it more comfortable to wear without worrying about potential tire replacement issues. S2R is the latest version products of the S2 series, bringing you a brand-new riding experience.


The MAX series is the latest affordable commuter electric scooter series. There are two models in the MAX series, including MAX and MAX V2. Besides having the same functions as the S2 series, the MAX series has also upgraded the former S2 electric scooter, including designing a more comprehensive anti-skid pedal design and a one-step folding design, all of which provide the best experience for commuting.

Whether you go to work, travel, or go to the park, our electric scooters for adults can take you wherever you want to go. Having a folding scooter can make your daily travel more convenient and fast. Hiboy adult electric scooter provides you with the best comfort, speed, and convenience and is the best partner to commute and travel.

Electric scooters for kids

S2 lite, NEX kids scooters 

Electric scooters are not only suitable for adults but also kids. S2 Lite and NEX are the best electric scooters for kids. They are easy to ride and have the best comfort, safety, and the most relaxed lighting. Whether children use them for transportation or entertainment, Hiboy kids electric scooters are the best electric scooters for children.

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