Meet your next adult electric scooter, The ECOM 14 Smart Eco-Friendly E-scooter


 What is the Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-Friendly E-scooter?

Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-Friendly E-scooter is the new adult electric scooter on the market. This adult electric scooter is an exceptional motorized scooter with a stylish design desirable for the 21st Century. It comes first in offering a height-adjustable handlebar, a detachable seat, plus a foldable basket.


The Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-Friendly adult electric scooter offers a high speed of up to 22 mph with a powerful 450W motor. The 14-inch wheels allow for easy and stable commuting with up to 15 degrees hills climbing. Capable to last for a 30 miles commute with the large inbuilt rechargeable 10Ah battery. 

hiboy ecom 14 electric scooter with seat

What Are the Differences between the ECOM 14 and VE1 Pro

Hiboy designs adult electric scooters to offer comfort and convenience in your commute. However, the new ECOM 14 Eco-Friendly adult electric scooter is more convenient and comfortable than the Hiboy VE1 Pro E-scooter.


Below are the differences between the two adult electric scooters from Hiboy;


  • The Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-friendly E-scooter has 14-inch pneumatic tube tires, while the VE1 Pro has 16-inch pneumatic tube tires.


  • Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco scooter has a 450W powerful motor with a maximum speed of 22 Mph. On the other hand, the VE1 Pro has a powerful 500W motor that can speed up to 23 Mph.


  • The Hiboy VE1 adult electric scooter is designed for short to medium commutes, while you can enjoy advanced and play commutes on the Hiboy VE1 Pro adult electric scooter.


  • The Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-friendly E-scooter comes with a soft padded detachable seat for more comfort during the ride. However, the VE1 Pro E-scooter does not come with a seat.


  • If you need to carry your books or groceries as you commute, Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco adult electric scooter is the number one choice. The Hiboy Eco-Friendly E-scooter has a detachable and foldable basket that can hold most groceries. On the other hand, the Hiboy VE1 Pro does not have a basket.


  • The Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco-friendly E-scooter has a front drum brake and a rear disc brake system. However, the VE1 Pro adult electric scooter comes fitted with a dual disc brake system for fast and smooth stopping.

What makes the Ecom 14 Eco Friendly E-scooter great for commuting?

  1. Fun.

The Hiboy Ecom 14 Eco-friendly E-scooter offers a fun way to travel or commute from one point to the other. So, if you want to travel to the city, suburbs, or on a camping ground, enjoy your ride on the adult electric scooters.

The adult electric scooter allows the adults to feel calm and have fun like the kids while exploring nature on scooters. The small and foldable size, lightweight and power capability of the Electric scooter enables you to enjoy the speed through the city.


  1. Easy to ride and easy to fold.

The Hiboy adult electric scooter has a powerful motor that allows you to pivot quickly. The wide footbed and a soft padded seat give you all the comfort for a smooth ride.


Two 14-inch pneumatic wheels also offer more stability and absorb small bumps while softening the more significant spots. Furthermore, it is a foldable adult electric scooter for convenient transport and storage.


  1. High performance.

A powerful 450W motor and a 10 Ah allow a maximum of 31 miles to hit the road in a single charge. The battery is rechargeable for 5-6 hours; you can recharge anywhere when not in use.

The Hiboy adult electric scooter has three gear modes (9/16/22mph) that enable you to change the gear according to the terrain and traffic on the road.


  1. Low Maintenance.

Hiboy guarantees 100% quality and durability. The Ecom 14 eco-friendly adult electric scooter is highly sturdy and needs low maintenance. The Hiboy company provides a detailed user manual guide for the safe and easy use of the adult electric scooter. If you follow the product manual instructions keenly, you will have your adult electric scooter for longer without any damage.


  1. 1-Year Warranty.

HIBOY Ecom 14 Eco-Friendly E-scooter is your best outdoor commute companion. We offer a 12 months warranty on the adult electric scooter and six months on the battery. In case of quality issues, you can get a replacement for the particular parts. In addition, you get lifetime technical support on your adult electric scooter purchases. 

hiboy eco friendly electric scooter for adults

What makes Ecom 14 different from other commuting scooters?

  1. Detachable baskets.

Hiboy Ecom 14 eco-friendly adult electric scooter comes with a removable basket that is 14x10x7.8inch in size. It allows you to carry most items such as books, groceries, and medium travel bags.


  1. Height-adjustable riser.

The Hiboy Ecom 14 adult electric scooter's handlebar is adjustable, providing convenience for people of various heights.


  1. Large 14 Inch Pneumatic Tires.

Unlike the most solid wheels in other adult electric scooters, the Hiboy Ecom 14 E-scooter has two 14-inch pneumatic tires. The large wheels give stability and safety to your ride. You enjoy a smooth ride on uneven grounds as the tires can reduce shock on the adult electric scooter.


  1. Seat.

The Hiboy Ecom 14 eco-friendly scooter has a detachable seat for a comfortable ride experience for short to medium commutes. Unlike other adult electric scooters that do not have a seat, the removable seat in the new Hiboy Ecom 14 Eco-friendly E-scooter offers more comfort in your ride.

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